How To Deal With Frontal Hair Loss

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FrontalWhen a man experiences frontal hair loss, it can be devastating to his self esteem. A receding hairline is considered a sign of aging and a loss of vitality. When a man begins to notice a loss of hair in the frontal area of the head, he will want to find something that will solve the problem. Almost 70% of men will experience this loss to some degree. It is important to identify causes of this problem and the best treatment options that are available.

Causes Of A Receding Hairline

When hair is lost on the front part of a man’s scalp, it is a classic sign of male pattern baldness. This type of loss is usually genetic and caused by the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT fights the hair follicles and makes them smaller over time. Eventually the hair falls out and does not grow back. At times, a man will lose almost half of his hair in this area before noticing that there is a problem. Contrary to popular belief, this type of hair problem is not caused by blocked pores, low oxygen levels, or poor circulation.

Treatments For Men Who Lose Hair Located In The Scalp’s Front

There are four common treatments for losing hair in frontal part of the head:

    Frontal Hair Loss
  • Transplants: Transplants are one of the most effective long term ways to correct a receding hairline. After new hair is implanted, it is almost totally likely to survive and grow normally. The procedure includes drawing plugs from the side or back of the head and grafting them to the front of the scalp. They are placed in a zigzag pattern to appear more natural when growing in.
  • Rogaine: Rogaine has long been one of the most popular drugs used to treat balding issues. Almost half of the men who tried Rogaine saw improvements after one year of use. A person must apply it two times each day. It is available in regular strength with a doctor’s prescription and over the counter in a weaker form. The downside is that after a person stops using Rogaine, the positive results will disappear or reverse.
  • Propecia: Propecia is similar to Rogaine. It is a drug that is applied to the scalp in hopes of growing new hair. It is also must be used continuously to get results. This can get quite expensive. Due to the fact that Propecia can cause negative side effects including severe birth defects, it cannot be used by women.
  • Flap Surgery: Another way to treat balding in the frontal area of the scalp is flap surgery. It is one of the lasts resorts for this condition since it leaves an unnatural appearance and leaves hair growing in the wrong direction. The surgical procedure involves removing 10,000 hairs from a strip that lies next to the balding area and moves it forward. As the bald area is taken away, the flap of skin is attached in its place.

When a person experiences hair loss from the front of the head, it may be wise to consult a medical professional’s guidance. A doctor may be able to recommend the best course of action for a particular individual. There is a great number of treatments. Medication and surgery ate the two most popular ways to regrow hair in the front. It is important to keep in mind that most drugs cause negative side effects to the health and surgery can bring a great deal of pain. Frontal hair loss may be disruptive, but it is key to do proper research when choosing the best way to treat it.