Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer And Effective Treatments

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Symptoms of stomach cancer are not always clear. There is no exact list of symptoms which indicate signs of the condition. However certain items may cause concern and will make a person seek medical attention. Here is a look at serious symptoms that may be brought on by this type of cancer and effective ways to treat and prevent the problem.

Vague Stomach Cancer Symptoms

    Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer
  • Bloody Stool: Many times seeing blood after using the bathroom will cause great concern. However it is not always a sign of cancer. Since blood cannot always be seen with the naked eye it is necessary to test stool samples when suspecting cancer. If bleeding persists it is imperative to visit the doctor.
  • Stomach Pain: Pain in the stomach is a very common symptom of stomach cancer. It can be mild or severe. Pain due to cancer will usually be felt in the top part of the abdomen.
  • Nausea/Vomiting: When a person regularly vomits or experiences nausea it is important to get checked by a physician. If cancer is not to blame it may be a sign of a different serious condition and may lead to esophageal damage. If blood is present in vomit it is essential to seek emergency care as well.
  • Bloating: Stomach cancer may bring feelings of bloating after eating. It may be accompanied by heartburn and indigestion issues as well.
  • Appetite Changes: Sudden loss of appetite that persists for a prolonged period of time may be a sign of stomach cancer. Besides changes in appetite a person with stomach cancer may experience weight loss. Losing more than 5% of body weight in a short time without trying may be a sure sign of cancer.
  • Constipation/Diarrhea: A change in bowel movements may be an indication of cancer in the stomach especially when it occurs without reason.
  • Fatigue: When a person feels tired for a long period of time it can be an indication of a serious problem. Fatigue occurs during a bout with stomach cancer because of anemia. Anemia occurs as a result of blood that is lost through the stools.

Treatments For Cancer Of The Stomach

To alleviate symptoms proper treatment must be used:

  • Surgery: Surgical procedures are done to remove the part of the stomach that is affected with cancer. Small tumors are easily taken out and may solve the problem when it is caught at an early stage. In more advanced cases larger portions of the stomach may need to be removed including nodes in the surrounding area.
  • Radiation/Chemotherapy: Radiation and chemotherapy are standard treatments for most forms of cancer. Radiation uses strong beams of energy to eradicate cancer cells. Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancerous cells. Both may lead to negative side effects on the body.

Ways To Prevent This Cancer

There is no known cause of cancer that occurs the stomach. However there are ways to prevent it from occurring.

  • Change The Diet: Eating meals filled with fresh fruits and vegetables is a smart way to avoid stomach cancer.
  • Quit Smoking: Smoking is a bad habit that affects the lungs and is linked to an increased risk of this cancer.

Stomach cancer may be difficult to diagnose because symptoms may be unclear. Signs like bloody stool and change in bowel habits may be an obvious reason to seek medical attention. Even though many people do not like to discuss issues like constipation or diarrhea it is necessary to talk with a doctor if symptoms get worse or become severe. There are ways to treat cancer and the prognosis is often good for people who get diagnosed early.


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