Symptoms And Treatment For Papillary Thyroid Cancer

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Papillary thyroid cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers to date. On a positive note it has a high rate of recovery especially when caught early. Even though the lymph nodes may become affected this does not automatically mean a death sentence. There are different forms of thyroid gland cancer. Here is a closer look a symptoms and effective treatment for this condition.

Symptoms Of This Type Of Cancer

Papillary Thyroid CancerThis is often a silent condition where few people will show visible symptoms. However there are a few telltale signs to look for:

  • Difficulty Swallowing: This may be a sensation explained by the feeling a person gets when trying to swallow a pill.
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Hoarse Voice: Since the thyroid is located in the neck it may cause an irritation in the area which causes a disruption in the larynx.
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes: These nodes are known to swell when the body is being attacked by something. This is not always a sign of cancer but when the nodes remain swollen for no other reason it may be wise to have them checked.

Ways to Check For Thyroid Gland Cancer

The thyroid gland can be found in the front of the neck. It regulates the body’s use of energy. This cancer is a rare form of the disease and there is no one exact cause. Science suggests that it may be due to a change in DNA or exposure to radiation. When a person suspects that cancer is present it is essential to consult a doctor. This form of cancer will be diagnosed through a close examination of cells that are obtained from a biopsy. Blood tests are not helpful in this instance. Another test that may be performed is an ultrasound of the neck. Imaging technology using radioactive iodine may be helpful as well.

Treatments For This Cancer

  • Surgery: Thyroidectomy is the most common way to treat this cancer. Even when cancer is not encompassing the entire gland it is best to remove it in total to prevent future risk of recurrence. The surrounding lymph nodes will be examined to make sure that the cancer has not spread. If it has entered the nodes they should be removed as well.
  • Hormonal Suppression: After thyroid surgery it will be necessary to consume some type of replacement. This will help to suppress the growth of cancer.
  • Radiation: Radioactive Iodine is not an external form of traditional therapy. Instead it is a one time pill that leaves few side effects. It targets any remaining cancer cells after surgery and lowers the rate of cancer recurrence.

Alternative Ways To Treat This Cancer

  • Exercise: Maintaining a healthy exercise regime will help to keep the body strong and better able to fight cancer.
  • Sun: Unlike other cancers which become worse under the rays of the sun cancer in the thyroid can be helped by basking in sunshine.
  • Natural Supplements: With any form of thyroid cancer it is best to increase levels of calcium and vitamin D. It is also best to avoid selenium.
  • Strengthen Immunity: A strong immune system allows the body to fight off all types of invaders including cancer cells.

Ways To Prevent This Cancer

  • Proper Diet: Eating a diet rich in grains fruits vegetables and fiber will help to keep this cancer at bey.
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight
  • Avoid Radiation Exposure

There are numerous kinds of cancers which affect the thyroid. There are different ways to treat this condition. Not all cancer comes with a death sentence. Papillary thyroid cancer is one such cancer that has numerous treatment options and a high rate of successful recovery.