Ways To Treat The Painful Symptoms Of Arthritis

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Symptoms of arthritis include swollen joints fatigue stiffness an redness. There are many forms of arthritis but all of them usually involve a loss of motion in the joints. This condition normally stems from injury genetics infection or metabolic abnormalities. Here is a closer look at arthritis and ways to treat pain from the symptoms.

Common Arthritis Symptoms

  • Joint Swelling/Pain
  • Loss Of Motion
  • Redness Around Joints
  • Morning Stiffness
  • Warm Joints

Ways to Treat Symptoms

  • Diet: Proper nutrition will help to take away signs of arthritis. Eating meals filled with fresh vegetables may be helpful. Most people enjoy red meat and dairy products but these foods encourage inflammation which leads to pain. It is important to also eat at least five fruits each day especially those with high antioxidant content. Vitamins C and E battle inflammation and ward off free radical damage to tissues. This helps to lower inflammation in the joints. Citrus fruits and apples contain high levels of these vitamins. It is also smart to substitute canola oil for other cooking oils. Finally fish oil supplements may lower inflammation as well. These items contain essential omega 3 fatty acids that contain anti inflammatory properties.
  • Exercise: Even though arthritis makes moving difficult doing a few low impact exercises can help to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Strength training can be done with light weights and no jerky movements. This can improve stability of joints and lower pain. An aquatic workout is also beneficial to people with signs of arthritis. This will provide exercise for the heart while lowering pressure on joints. No matter which exercise is chosen it is essential to protect the joints. Wearing supportive footwear is vital. This will take impact off of the body and provide needed cushioning. It is also essential to stop exercising if pain begins to occur. When a person continues while in pain worse problems may occur.
  • Warmth: Heat works to dilate blood vessels stimulate circulation and lower muscle spasms. The temperature should never be so hot that it burns the skin. Heat relaxes muscles and lowers stiffness. It is beneficial to use a heating pad or to take a hot bath. Rubbing eucalyptus oil onto the skin near joints may send off a warming sensation as well. On the other hand colder temperatures may cause flareups. This is why cold weather is often the enemy of people who suffer from arthritis.
  • Anti Inflammatories: One of the leading causes of arthritis symptoms is inflamed joints. There are both pharmaceutical and natural alternatives which can alleviate this inflammation. NSAIDS include over the counter drugs like Aleve Motrin and Advil. They are useful at treating inflammation. More natural anti inflammatories include herbs like ginger rosemary and turmeric.

Other Tips To Deal With Arthritis Symptoms

    Symptoms Of Arthritis
  • Rest: A person needs the proper amount of sleep each night to help the body recover from attacks.
  • Never remain in one position for a prolonged period of time or move in ways which place strain on the joints.
  • Stress Relief: A person must try different ways to relieve stress. Stress often makes symptoms worse. Yoga Tai Chi and medication are great ways to eliminate stress.

When arthritis is diagnosed early treatment can begin to avoid permanent damage to joints. Arthritis brings a number of symptoms including sore and inflamed joints. There are a variety of ways to lower pain. When symptoms become severe or overbearing it is important to seek medical help. A doctor may be able to prescribe stronger medicine or recommend therapy to treat symptoms of arthritis and make life more normal.


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