Effective Bursitis Treatment To Take Away Pain


Many painful conditions may strike the body which is why bursitis treatment is important. The bursa is a sac filled with fluid that acts as a cushion between bones and tendons. When this bursa becomes swollen or inflamed bursitis occurs. This can be brought on by various causes including infection or trauma. Here is a closer look at bursitis symptoms and ways to treat the condition.

Symptoms Of Bursitis That Strike Different Parts Of The Body

    Bursitis Treatment
  • Elbow: The most common part of the body to be affected with bursitis is the elbow. Pain increases as the joint is bent. Many times infection is at the root of the problem.
  • Shoulder: Many times people with injury to the area will experience bursitis. The shoulder will have limited movement and feel pain that gets worse in the evening.
  • Knee: When the knee experiences trauma it may swell and lead to bursitis. Arthritis often accompanies bursitis in this joint as well. Pain may be spread up and down the leg especially as the leg is bent.
  • Hip: This body part often experiences bursitis due to arthritis or injury. It can prevent a person from walking correctly without pain. The groin area is often left tender as well.
  • Buttocks: Bursitis in the buttock region often occurs after sitting for a long period on a hard surface. Pain can spread to the thighs and will get worse when a person lays flat. The pubic bone may also feel pain when a person bends over.
  • Ankle: Most people who get bursitis in the ankle will experience pain due to injury. The foot will feel pain in the heel.

Bursitis Treatment For Home

Most cases of bursitis can be treated at home. It will involve a few steps:

  • Protection: It is important to pad the area especially when the problem occurs in the knees or ankles.
  • Rest: Many times exercise can aggravate the condition. However certain activities like swimming may actually soothe painful movement.
  • Ice: Ice packs may be applied to lower the pain and inflammation of the condition.
  • Compression And Elevation: When bursitis strikes the elbows or knees it may be helpful to use a bandage on the area. It is also wise to elevate the body part in order to keep the blood circulating properly. At night a person may use a pillow to raise the effected body part and also to add cushioning.
  • Medicine: Over the counter remedies such as ibuprofen or aspirin may help to lower pain and inflammation.

Medical Treatment For Bursitis

If home care does not help the condition or if pain becomes extremely bad medical intervention may be necessary. When the condition is not caused by infection the area may be injected with a corticosteroid to lower inflammation. If the condition is caused by infection the area will be drained with a needle. The person will usually be given antibiotics as well.

Ways To Prevent Future Bursitis

A person who is prone to cases of bursitis because of daily activity must be cautious and try to protect the body from future pain. For instance while working around the home a person should use pads on the knees while planting in the garden or scrubbing floors. People who have jobs that cause bursitis like plumbers electricians and contractors should choose padded shoes and also wear protective gear such as knee pads. It may also help to learn exercises that will help to increase flexibility and make muscles stronger to heighten range of motion.

Bursitis is a very uncomfortable condition that is caused by swelling in the bursa. Most people are able to take care of the condition with minimal treatment at home. When pain persists a physician may be able to provide a better and more effective bursitis treatment.


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