Arthritis In Knee Joints

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Osteoarthritis is the technical term to describe arthritis in knee joints. It usually occurs from routine wear and tear. It occurs as the cartilage of the knee erodes and bone begins to rub against the bone. This arthritis is degenerative which means that it becomes worse with time. Besides the disappearance of cartilage bones may get thicker and grow spurs. Here is a closer look at symptoms and treatment for this problem.

Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis In The Knees

    Arthritis In Knee
  • Pain: The knee joints hurt after certain movement.
  • Stiff And Tender Joints: Knees may feel tender after pressure is applied. Stiffness will be bothersome mostly in the morning or after a time when the body has been sedentary.
  • Low Range Of Motion: A person will feel low flexibility.
  • Rubbing Sensation: There may be a feeling of rubbing in the joints with this problem.

Medical Treatment For Knee Joint Pain

  • NSAIDs: Nonsteroidal anti inflammatories help to lower inflammation and take away pain. They can be purchased in any drugstore over the counter or in stronger form under a doctor’s prescription. When used in the long term organ damage or stomach irritation may occur.
  • Acetaminophen: This will help to lower pain but will not lower inflammation.
  • Narcotic Drugs: When pain is severe a doctor may prescribe strong medicine to ease pain. It is wise to use them according to direction in order to avoid addiction. There are many possible side effects that include tiredness and nausea.

Therapeutic Ways To Ease Knee Arthritis

  • Physical Therapy: A professional may be able to teach proper exercises that can take away pain. When muscles become strong the joints will have better range of motion.
  • Braces: Braces on the knee often help to stabilize the area and keep pressure to a minimum.
  • Occupational Therapy: This professional will be able to show a person ways to alleviate stress on joints. For example installing a bench in the shower will help a person properly get clean while resting the knee.

Surgical Ways To Treat Knee Pain From Arthritis

  • injections: A doctor may inject medicine directly into the knee to bring relief from pain. Corticosteroids may be used on occasion but when given too often they may cause damage to the joints. Other times a lubricant may be injected as well. This substance will help to add cushioning and protection to the knee.
  • Knee Replacement Surgery: This procedure replaces damaged knees with synthetic devices. They can work well to take away pain but will wear out in time and need to be replaced again. This means more surgery will be needed.

Natural Ways To Alleviate Knee Arthritis

  • Exercise: Low impact exercise can help strengthen muscles that surround the knee joints. Walking or swimming are good exercises for people with knee arthritis.
  • Heat And Cold: Applying heat to sore knees can relieve stiffness while cold compresses help to control muscle spasms.
  • Losing Weight: When a person maintains a healthy weight there will be less stress placed on joints such as the knee. Eating a healthy diet will help a person lose weight and keep it off.
  • Topical Creams: There are numerous creams on the market which give a person temporary relief from osteoarthritis symptoms. Certain products numb the area while others are absorbed into the skin and contain pain relievers to ease the aches.

Osteoarthritis is most commonly found in the hips or knees. This can be lead to great pain that must be treated. Most pain can be treated with simple methods like over the counter medicine or natural lifestyle changes. When arthritis in knee parts become severe a doctor may need to take more drastic measures.


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